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Welcome to Ms. Kounouklos' class! This school year we will be discovering, exploring and learning about so many new and exciting things pertaining to the 2nd grade. I was a third grade teacher for many years previous to this year, so I am well aware of what is to be expected by the end of second grade in order to be well prepared for the up coming grade.

The students will be introduced to a brand new math series, by the name of "Envision" math. This is an efficient new math series that will have our students thinking on a higher level of learning through new concepts, methods and mental math explorations. We also adapted a reading /writing book called "Progress". The students will be introduced to non-fiction as well as fiction through out the year and be able to understand the difference between realistic and fantasy, which is of high importance by the end of second grade. The students will practice comprehension skills as well their writing on a daily basis.

Science and social studies will be explored through multiple references, including stories during LAL time that are involving life science, scholastic news articles, Time magazine textbook copies and map skills.