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Ms. Basara

   Welcome to Our Nest!


Organized, Working, Learning Students!


FUN FACT: Ms. Basara was born in Belleville, New Jersey at Clara Maass hospital, Long ago, but not that long ago.

I grew up in nearby Bloomfield. I earned my Bachelor's degree from Felician College. Currently, I am back at Felician College working towards a Master's degree.

I have over thirteen years of experience working as a teacher and I have worked with children for most of my life. One day those little hands will do wonderful things. I welcome all my parents to contact me and speak to me. Let's work together to inspire the love of learning.

I love teaching through personal experiences and encounters. My love of nature and animals interests my second graders. I often share interesting things with them. Get ready parents, you will be hearing some interesting stories. I look forward to working with you all during this school year.

We will be learning about life cycles very soon! Enjoy these amazing photos I took this summer! Share them with your children to prepare them for the unit. Remind them to observe, learn and appreciate all living things!



Literacy centers enhanced with tablets and a classroom subscription to! They are truly loving this !
Students using tablets from donors to play a game designed for assessment and engagement called kahoot! 
Hands on learning! Students investigated pollination! Thank you parents for all the materials provided! It was a great help! Your support and encouragement are awesome!