School Notices

Introducing our New R.I.S.E. (Realizing Individualized Student Enrichment) period to elementary school schedules!
 A message from Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Tomko:
Beginning this September, elementary schedules will include a 25-minute period named R.I.S.E. (Realizing Individualized Student Enrichment) during the school day throughout the 2016-2017 school year.  R.I.S.E. is included to enhance the remedial needs of students in each class and advance curriculum and program initiatives using both directed and independent measures of instruction driven by data and teacher observation.
On any given day during this period, an instructor will establish a classroom environment where he/she may be reviewing with several students an important concept taught earlier in the day while other classmates are reading independently, beginning homework, researching a topic, or collaborating on a project that emanates an academic rigor that will challenge students to utilize higher order thinking skills and multiple intelligences to problem solve.  Further, this period will be scheduled, whenever possible, to include pull-out sessions for special assignments including instrumental music, OT/PT, Speech Therapy, group counseling, and other necessary programs that traditionally interrupt full academic periods of instruction. 


As R.I.S.E. will also be a common period throughout each elementary school during the school day, students who are departmentalized will be afforded the opportunity to visit their teachers within a specific subject area to ask questions regarding content; reinforce a concept he/she may be having trouble with; or even clarify a process needed for that evening’s homework assignment.  


R.I.S.E. isn’t a free period from academics for students to converse with peers, nor is it an extension of the period before it.  Rather, it is a time for the classroom teacher to assess the needs of his/her students and ensure that these needs are met.



Richard D. Tomko, Ph.D., M.J.

Superintendent of Schools

Belleville Public Schools District